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Abigail Krasutsky
Abigail Krasutsky

Abigail Krasutsky 2020

Artist Statement

I consider my art to be an exploration into my creative process. Through the development of the work I am presenting, I have learned a lot about how I want my process to work in future art pieces. I initially enjoyed being “unknown,” as I was uncomfortable and self-conscious when it came to my own art. I am no longer unknown in this process, and I realize that I prefer being recognized for my work, as it is validation of all the hard work I have put into their creation. My photography is an outcome of a street photography assignment I completed in Philadelphia, and the drawings are self-portraits from a “focus on the figure” class. These mediums work well together, as they represent two areas with which I have never really felt comfortable. The street photography allowed me to remove myself from the viewer’s eye, making someone completely random the focal point, while the self-portraits are the face of the person who took the photos. After completing these assignments, I experienced a boost in self-confidence through the exploration of my process. I took a step out of my comfort zone and realized that through my discomfort great art was created, but even greater art may be achieved in my future.

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