Berman Museum

  • Kelsey Gavin

Kelsey Gavin 2020


Artist Profile

  1. Major and Graduation Year: Studio Art Major, Class of 2022
  2. What kind of media do you work in: I work in a couple different mediums. Right now oil paint, charcoal, and photography are what I have been reaching for the most.
  3. Why do you make art: I make art because it’s the part of my life that I’m the most passionate about. I can’t see myself ever doing anything else.
  4. The artist who you find most influential and why: Luc Tuymans has really inspired my work as of late, I did three weeks of Tuymans studies this semester and I feel like I will continue to have a lot to learn from his work and the way he makes work.
  5. Briefly describe a recent art-related “Aha!” moment: A recent art related “aha!” moment I’ve had recently is that I make some of my best work with a community of my peers to bounce ideas off of and discuss art with.

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