Berman Museum

Sarah Marchione 2020

This piece is one of the last assignments for Painting I; it is a self portrait remix of a popular portrait or famous painting. The piece I chose to work with is Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s A Montrouge (Rosa La Rouge), which is on exhibit in the Barnes Foundation’s permanent collection in Philadelphia.

Artist Profile
  • Major and Graduation Year: Art and Physics major, Class of 2022

  • What kind of media do you work in: I mostly do illustrations with ink or paintings with oils.

  • Why do you make art: I make art because I feel right when I create. Some deep, inexplicable part of me feels at peace when I am doing art. It is a complex language that I enjoy seeing others explore and a mode through which I intend to continue navigating all of life.

  • The artist who you find most influential and why: Many of the artists that have influenced my art are tattoo artists! The popularization of the tattooing community, especially on social media, has made art accessible to a lot of different kinds of people. Tattooing is now seen as an art, especially since it has recently become much more illustrative. (One of my favorite tattoo artists is Mira Mariah, who is someone very active in the dialogue of the current art scene.)

  • Briefly describe a recent art-related “Aha!” moment: One of my biggest “aha!” moments was when I first stood in front of Van Gogh’s Starry Night when I was little, and it struck me how real the feeling of transcendence is when you are physically in the space of a piece that moves you.

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