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  • Thomas Armstrong

Thomas Armstrong

The Yellow Belly Anthology: Micro-Films about Humans at their Least Impressive

Project Description

In the fall semester of 2019, I worked with my adviser Dr. Jon Volkmer on writing 60 60- second shorts on the theme of human insecurity, based off of real-life experiences and stories. I wrote an anthological series of micro-scripts (60 seconds) satirizing the human self-consciousness and anxiety— moments that are rushed over or lost in longer-form mass media and film. The scripts show humans at their most indecisive, insecure, and vulnerable. By anthological, I mean that each short features a different set of characters in a different place with a different set of challenges, although each short features recurring themes, characters, and settings. In all of the shorts, a person must overcome, submit to, or rethink their own self-conscious ideation in a social situation. In drafting the series, themes recurred, characters returned and came head-to-head with characters from other shorts. In spring 2020 I selected and filmed five of the scripts with my fellow filmmaker Alex Wagoner ’21 to film and showcase, operating on the criteria of feasibility, quality, and congruency. My 60 scripts and five shorts make use of Horatian satire and cringe comedy to document and dissect singular moments of human awkwardness.

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Faculty Advisor

Jon Volkmer


Collegeville, PA