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  • Noah Garber

Noah Garber

Piety and Mayhem: How Extremist Groups Misuse Religious Doctrine to Condone Violence and Achieve Political Goals

Project Description

This thesis examines the way in which various groups have used religion as a justification for violent action towards political ends. From the Irgun, which carried out terrorist acts in Palestine, to the Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas, which has waged war on Israel, to the Buddhist leadership of Myanmar, which has waged a genocidal campaign against Rohingya Muslims living in the country, these groups have employed a narrow interpretation of their religious texts as a means to justify the actions they take. It is explained that it is not the compulsion of religious doctrine itself that is to blame, rather, the way the religion is interpreted and manipulated by groups and their leaders. This is then contrasted with how the religion they draw motivation from does not support their use of violence based on each tradition’s view of ethical conduct in war.

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Politics and Religious Studies

Faculty Advisors

Rebecca Evans and Danielle Widmann Abraham


Voorhees, NJ