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  • Caprice Eisele

Caprice Eisele

Does Using wee-1.3 As a Secondary Suppressor Restore Wildtype Timing of Meiosis and Oocyte Maturation in pam-1 C. elegans Mutants?

Project Description

I investigated the relationship between two developmental proteins, PAM-1 and WEE-1.3. WEE-1.3 is an inhibitory kinase that regulates a maturation promoting complex called CDK-1, and is responsible for timely oocyte development. PAM-1 is an aminopeptidase, which cleaves the N terminus of target proteins, and is crucial for polarity establishment, centrosome cortical contact, asymmetrical division, and other developmental markers in a one cell C. elegans embryo. By looking for interactions between the proteins we can better understand developmental processes in C. elegans.

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Faculty Advisor

Rebecca Lyczak


Blackwood, NJ