Theater and Dance

  • Shannon Zura

Shannon Zura

Shannon Zura is a professional lighting, sound, and scenic designer. She has taught at both Franklin and Marshall College and the University of Southern Maine where she was Associate Professor and Chair of Theatre. Shannon has been a guest designer for Ursinus College since 1998 and has provided the lights, sound, and/or scenic design for over twenty Ursinus College theater productions and dance concerts. Professional credits include designs for InterAct Theatre Co., Lantern Theater Co., Azuka Theatre, Portland Stage Co., Opera Maine, Delaware Theatre Co., and Stonington Opera House Arts among others. Shannon is also an architectural lighting designer; she collaborated with Christensen Lighting on an award-winning lighting design for the Weiss Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Shannon holds an M.F.A. from Temple University.


Theater and Dance


  • B.A., Cameron University
  • M.F.A., Temple University


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Advanced Lighting Design

Beyond the Bulb: Space & Light

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Lighting Design

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