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In conjunction with Ursinus College’s sesquicentennial and the Berman Museum of Art’s 30th anniversary in 2019, Stephanie Rowden presents an experimental sound installation to celebrate the Berman Museum’s history. Through sculpture and multimedia installation, Rowden probes the variegated valences and powers of sound: to evoke memory, transport a listener to another time and place, and to inspire imaginative journeys. Rowden states, “Even a brief snippet of a particular voice or a small detail in a soundscape could transport a listener across time, place and life experience, all the while creating astonishingly vivid images in the mind’s eye.”

Presented here are the artworks and corresponding audio from the installed exhibition. Although Rowden’s original commissioned work for the Berman consists of an audio walk through her curated selection from the museum’s collection, we feel that the the virtual tour still permits an extended meditation on the experience of looking, the act of collecting, and the passage of time.