Teaching and Learning Institute

  • Serena Rose Gaskin

Serena Rose Gaskin




Spanish, Religious Studies


Bonner Leader
Chapel Leader President
Sankofa Umoja Nia (S.U.N.)
Psi Chi President


TLI Senior Student Consultant


Why did you choose to get involved with TLI Student Consultant Program?

The fact that Student Consultants work to aid faculty in improving their course material exemplifies my core beliefs regarding education. It is important that faculty acknowledge what it is they are doing well in the classroom and what areas can be improved for the benefit of the students. As a student myself, I am aware that people learn in many different ways, (whether they be auditory or visual learners, etc.), and I am willing to be engaged with faculty to express this truth. The core of the TLI is to work to ensure students are receiving the best educational experience possible. I consider it a great honor and achievement to be a part of such a process!