Education in a Pandemic
Education in a Pandemic

Episode 4: Education in a Pandemic

  • Danielle describes her non-traditional path into education, from working at a bagel shop, to higher education admissions, to Teach For America.
  • Danielle discusses her experience teaching at Imhotep Institute Charter High School—a school founded 20 years ago in the height of the charter movement. Imhotep was founded with a focus on African American students and culture with the goal of molding students that will create change in their communities.
  • Danielle discusses the tension in today’s social climate and its intersection in the school system, shares advice to colleagues wanting to build an anti-racist curriculum and the importance of listening, above all else, to different experiences.
  • Danielle addresses COVID-19 and the impact on education, including her school’s decision to move to virtual instruction for the fall semester.
  • Danielle shares memories of her time at Ursinus, including attending the (now titled) Crigler Institute and the lasting impact of learning about African history, working as a student assistant for President John Strassburger, many other mentors along the way and her fond memories (and late nights) in Stauffer 144.

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