Paige D'Elia
Paige D’Elia

Paige D’Elia

Why I became a chemistry major?

My chemistry teachers in high school were so enthusiastic and passionate when teaching, they made learning fun and interesting. It was the only subject in school that really captured my attention.

Most memorable moment

The most memorable moment I would say was actually when I met the chemistry department before freshman year. Everyone was so enthusiastic and welcoming, it was why I decided to go to school here.

My experience as a chemistry major

My experience as a chemistry major has been nothing but amazing. The professors are all so helpful and encouraging. The research I am able to take part in is fascinating because you are able to dive deeper into topics that aren’t taught in class and have more hands on lab work. It is such a great environment to learn in.






Wismer on Wheels, Research, and Summer Fellows

Life After Ursinus

I’m not entirely sure what I want to do after Ursinus yet. I do know that I would like to work in a lab, and most likely in organic chemistry.