• Julianne Yost, PhD

Julianne Yost

Julianne Yost is a chemist who specializes in organic and medicinal chemistry. For the past nine years, she served as an instructor at Rice University, where she received three teaching awards, including the top teaching award at Rice as determined by the votes of alumni. She has been involved with a number of pedagogical initiatives, including employing active learning strategies to improve critical thinking skills and integrating mindful learning into organic chemistry problem-solving. She has published her work in PNAS, Organic Letters, Synthesis, and several other publications. At Ursinus, she aims to foster apprentice-style research to enable all students to experience the joys and trials of scientific discovery and to prepare them for independent scholarship.




BS, Biochemistry (Mathematics Minor), Cedar Crest College
Ph.D., Chemistry (Biological Chemistry Certificate), Duke University


Organic Chemistry I

Chemistry Seminar and Capstone

Professional Experience

Wiess Instructor of Chemistry / Lecturer of BioSciences, Rice University (2011-2020)
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery, UNC Chapel Hill (2010-2011)

Research Interests

My research focuses on applying organic and medicinal chemistry to the design and synthesis of small molecule inhibitors of methyltransferases. Arginine and lysine methyltransferases are involved in a variety of human diseases, including cancer, but selective inhibitors are still needed to validate them as potential drug targets. Students in my lab will learn organic synthetic techniques, chemical instrumentation, structure-activity relationships, and an overview of the drug discovery process.