Politics and International Relations

Geoff Brace
Geoff Brace

Geoff Brace

What do you currently do?

I am Legislative Assistant for Policy & Communication for Rep. Mike Schlossberg. I also serve as a Lehigh County Commissioner. As important, I am chief-cheerleader for my wife Sara, who is the President of the Allentown School Board. Because of our respective roles, we are very engaged in Allentown and Lehigh County civic institutions.

How do you see the connection between the time you spent as a POL major and what you’ve been able to do since?

Much of my work requires creative thinking the Ursinus liberal arts tradition helped to inspire. Working through the Big Questions of the Common Intellectual Experience prepared me to look at political systems broadly, understand their purpose for the people they serve and faithfully use the values of our communities to make decisions to better lives.

What advice do you have for students currently majoring in, or considering to major in POL?

A crisis can completely disrupt the best laid plans. Spend time building meaningful relationships. The success and health of your community depends more on relationships than having the best argument or carefully mapped plan. Build those relationships when they aren’t critical so that they exist when they are necessary. Also, look to unexpected places for leaders in your community and support their emergence. My wife is a prime example for that need. She never had interest in elected office until she saw a crisis in federal education leadership. She now leads the 3rd largest school district in Pennsylvania because people encouraged her to run for office.