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Adessa Flack

Adessa is a fourth-year doctoral student at West Chester University. She has previously completed rotations in community mental health centers as well as a neuropsychological assessment center. Adessa is impassioned by social justice, empowerment, and advocacy work. She has experience working with clients with a variety of presenting problems, including trauma, depression and anxiety, relationship concerns, acquired and developmental disabilities, and more. Adessa deeply values collaborating with clients and creating individualized treatment plans with each person she works with. She believes that cultivating a safe and empathetic therapeutic relationship with her clients is the most important foundation in working together. Her goals in working with clients is to provide each person with tools to be successful and feel fulfilled in important areas of their life, while feeling hopeful for the future.

In her free time, Adessa enjoys musical performance, mindfulness, yoga, gaming, and spending time with her family and two cats.

Education: M.A. West Chester University of Pennsylvania, B.A. West Chester University of Pennsylvania