Emily Franz
Emily Franz

Emily Franz

About Our Research

As a member of the Wilner Lab, my role is to synthesize lipid phosphoramidites as the initial step in creating building blocks of controlled-release micelle systems.

What was valuable about the experience?

The most beneficial part of participating in any research is not only the skills obtained but the relationships that are formed with fellow researchers and research advisor. Since participating in the Summer Fellows 2019 program, I have become a teaching assistant for one of the classes taught by research advisor, Dr. Samantha Wilner.


Chemistry and Mathematics


Manager for Men’s Basketball

Secretary for American Statistical Association

Member of Beardwood Chemical Society

Member of Women In Technology and Science

Life After Ursinus

I look forward to earning an entry level position as a forensic scientist in a city or state affiliated crime lab. Although I am not sure which specialization I want to pursue, latent print examination or toxicology are at the top of the list.