• Austin Brzezicki

Austin Brzezicki


Physics and Music




My Musical History

Ever since I received my first instrument when I was eight years old, I knew I wanted music to be a bigger part of my life. Once I got into writing songs, that passion flourished into something even more intense. My greatest joy in music is writing songs, sharing them with others, and inducing feelings within others in a way that only music can uniquely do.

Current Musical Endeavors

Currently, I am trying to improve my musicality with more instruments, learn how to optimize songwriting, and accumulate more musical experiences.

UC Music Ensembles

At Ursinus, I have not done a whole lot with specific musical ensembles yet, but I have been doing quite a bit with music in theater as well as participating in certain music-related events.

Favorite Thing About Music

My favorite thing about music is the way in which it opens the mind and body (as well as the soul for some) to both express themselves as well as connect to others.

Future Plans

I definitely want to continue writing songs and eventually recording, producing, and releasing them for anyone to listen to. Music is about bringing people together and encouraging emotionality, and I want to do just that.