Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Clayton Shuffelbottom

Clayton Shuffelbottom

Internship Location: Accupac, Mainland, PA



My Story

Over the summer, Clayton got the chance to intern within the analytical lab at Accupac after finding out about the opportunity with the organization at Ursinus’ Career Fair last February. During an average day, he got to do everything from conducting various physical and/or chemical tests on raw materials, to seeing how various chemicals came together to form consumer products. “Many of the products that I tested are on the shelves of most stores, which is really neat,” he says.

Academic Connection

Clayton attributes much of his success with Accupac to the experiences he has had in the classroom here at Ursinus. He adds that, “My background in chemistry and my various lab courses at Ursinus directly translated to and prepared me for this internship.”


When it comes to his time at Accupac, Clayton says that he was able to grow a lot of the skills necessary for working in a lab environment, mainly, his ability to critically think. “Often times I ran into problems throughout my day which required me to apply outside knowledge. This skill is invaluable, and this internship certainly required lots of critical thinking.”


Going forward, Clayton knows his experience at Accupac has forever changed how he thinks of what his future career path might look like. He states that, “Before my internship I had a general sense that I wanted to work in a lab but really didn’t know what that looked like. This internship showed me a possible career path as an analytical chemist.”

Fun Fact

Clayton’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough!