Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Mary Fuchs

Mary Fuchs

Internship Location: Engage Globally, Remote


Biology, Environmental Studies

My Story

Going into her experience with Engage Globally, Mary had a general idea about what she wanted to do after graduation, but her experiences working remotely over the summer have definitely shaped her perspective! On a typical day, Mary was doing research on everything from various rainforest species to sustainability tips. She even got to create educational materials about these concepts through Canva. Mary adds that, “Most of the items I made were children’s books about the rainforest species and conservation. I would say getting to create these stories was a super cool experience since I got to be creative and learn about unique species.”

Academic Connection

Mary knows that her time at Ursinus helped prepare her for work at Engage Globally this past summer by giving her the background knowledge she could apply to her work. “For example, I took an environmental psychology class at Ursinus, and it allowed me to better brainstorm how to best create an environmental education that would connect and resonate with individuals,” she says.


For Mary, she has always valued teamwork and collaboration, and she notes that her remote internship this summer allowed her to practice these skills every day. “We ended up using apps like Slack, Zoom, Google Drive and Canva to collaborate virtually. Considering there will be inevitable changes in the future due to Covid, this experience prepared me for the future,” Mary adds.


Mary credits her time at Engage Globally with giving her a clearer picture about what she wants to pursue after her time at Ursinus, writing that she got to explore her passion for environmental education. This experience also enabled her to get to engage in a variety of environmental education research for the region she got to study abroad in: Costa Rica. This allowed her to reflect on how this experience connected to her time abroad: “I did get to try so many Costa Rican dishes, listen to different music and see art. Sometimes I miss the rice and beans that were served with almost every meal and I still like to listen to some Latin music.”

Fun Fact

Mary has a wide taste in music and has been listening to a lot of pop music lately!