Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Donovan Erskine

Donovan Erskine

Internship Location: WSFS Bank, Wilmington, DE


Applied Economics (Finance & Accounting)

My Story

Before starting at WSFS Bank over the summer, Donovan had no idea what career path he was interested in. The rotational movement through different departments at WSFS; however, allowed him to try on a variety of hats and explore his interests in finance.

Academic Connection

Donovan credits his experience with WSFS Bank with giving him the ability to practice his teamwork and collaboration skills that he has built up over his time at Ursinus. During any given day, he notes that “you had two or three team members there to help you and vise-versa.”


During his time at WSFS Bank, Donovan was grateful for the chance to be able to work on his time management skills. “This internship has helped me push past what I was comfortable with,” he adds. Doing so allowed him to be able to apply what he has learned at Ursinus while also exploring what time management looks like in a professional setting.


After his internship at WSFS, Donovan says that the experience “has helped him narrow down his options immensely” in terms of looking into what he is interested in pursuing after Ursinus. In particular, he credits his ability to meet and collaborate with his mentor at WSFS for giving him the tools he needed to look to his future and explore his interests.

Fun Fact

Donovan’s favorite movie is the film adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors with Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene!