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Jake Reichard
Jake Reichard

Jake Amendola-Reichard

Jake graduate from Wissahickon High School in 2020. He is one of our U-Imagine Student Scholars. At the center, Jake leads the way in U-Imagine branding as well as manages and creates our workshops. Alongside the work in the U-Imagine Center, he plays lacrosse for Ursinus as well as runs his own clothing brand called The Coastal Factory.


Economics and Mathematics


Ursinus Lacrosse

U-Imagine Center Student Scholar


U-Imagine Center Scholar


Outside of Ursinus, I run a clothing brand called The Coastal Factory. My mission is to spread awareness about ocean pollution and I donate many of my proceeds to various cleanup organizations.

Life After Ursinus

Upon graduating, I plan on continuing my education in economics by pursuing a master’s degree. My dream job would be to work as a catastrophe actuary, preferably in a major city.

Fun Fact

I was one of three players selected as an all-star for the Warrior Diamond National Lacrosse Team.