Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Regan Newman with Dr. Wagner

Regan Newman

Externship Location: Harleysville Veterinary Hospital, Harleysville, PA


Biology and Music

My Experience

Throughout her time externing at Harleysville Veterinary Hospital, Regan got to experience a variety of the day-to-day practices involved in running a veterinary practice. “In the mornings, I would watch the surgeries that Dr. Wagner performed on the animals. During the rest of the day, I would follow Dr. Wager around and watch him do check -ups, dental surgeries, and consultations,” she says. Regan adds that her favorite part of her days with Dr. Wagner was being able to sit in on the surgeries. “I have always been fascinated with medical surgery, so I thought it was really awesome to witness them in person.”

Academic Connection

While shadowing Dr. Wagner, Regan was able to reflect on how her experiences at Harleysville Veterinary Hospital might impact her future here at Ursinus and beyond. She adds that, “This externship had a very positive impact on my career at Ursinus. It has given me more of a drive to succeed in my classes and work towards my career goals. It has shown me that hard work does come with a reward.”


Going forward, Regan knows that her time in the externship program has inspired her to pursue her passions. “This externship has definitely made me consider my future as a possible veterinarian. I realized how much work and dedication is needed to become a doctor. This externship has given me a greater appreciation for doctors and has definitely given me a stronger desire to pursue a career in the medical field,” Regan says. She also adds that it was rewarding being able to watch the animals come out of surgery and be reunited with their owners, and that it showed her what the field was all about. For those thinking of applying to a future externship, Regan has great advice: “Some advice that I would give to someone participating in an externship program is to come with questions. I think it is important to ask your mentor as many questions as possible about why they love their job, how they were able to achieve what they have, and what their job entails. They were also students like us, so I think it is important to take advantage of their knowledge and learn from them the steps that they took to achieve what they have today.”