• Taking a leap of faith

Episode 5: Taking a Leap of Faith

For the first time ever, Ursinus goes global - all the way to Doha, Qatar where 2009 alumnus Andrew Clark shares his experience in digital marketing in the Middle East.  Now based in Baltimore, Andrew discusses how taking a leap of faith paid off.

About this Episode

  • Andrew opens up about mental health struggles during his first year at Ursinus and how taking a leave of absence allowed him to focus on his health. Because of this pause for his personal life, he was able to return and graduate.
  • Andrew shares about the challenges of graduating and entering a job market in 2009 during a recession.
  • Andrew shares how Ursinus prepared him for the rigor of graduate school at American University in Washington, D.C. more so than his other classmates.
  • Andrew talks about life in Qatar: his experience as an expat, cultural differences, and how showing up to a digital marketing agency with a CV in hand helped him land the job.
  • Andrew recalls fondly his favorite memories of Ursinus and how faculty and staff helped him along his journey.

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