Photo of Cory Straub teaching in front of a chalkboard
Photo of Cory Straub teaching in front of a chalkboard

Cory Straub

Our research lab studies the ecology of insects in agricultural systems. We seek ecologically-based strategies for controlling insect pests, with the goal of reducing the need for chemical insecticides that threaten environmental and human health.

Cory Straub earned his Ph.D. from Washington State University and conducted his postdoctoral research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Straub lab studies the




  • B.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • M.S., Central Washington University
  • Ph.D., Washington State University


Issues in Ecology and Evolution
Insect Biology
Conservation Biology
Animal Behavior 
Common Intellectual Experience

Research Interests

Conservation of beneficial insects
Predator-prey interactions

Recent Work

(*indicates undergraduate co-author)

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