Career and Post-Graduate Development

Jilia Paiano Externship
Jilia Paiano Externship

Julia Paiano

Externship Location: Beasley Media Group, Bala Cynwyd, PA


Media and Communication Studies

My Experience

During her externship experience with Beasley Media Group, Julia got the chance to rotate through a variety of experiences. From listening in on different radio stations—such as 93.3 WMMR—to touring the Comcast building in Philadelphia, to getting to experience what it was like on set at 6ABC, Julia viewed the many different components of what a career in the media industry might look like. One of her favorite parts of this rotation was the insight it gave her into her own career path. “My favorite part of this was that we weren’t in the same place for all three days!” Julia says.

Academic Connection

Having gotten the chance to work with an Ursinus alum over the course of her externship, Julia gained a greater understanding of what she would like in a future career role: “This reinforced my previous thoughts that I want to be in a field where every day is something new and exciting, and the industry is always growing and changing.” Julia also enjoyed getting to see just how far an Ursinus degree can take you through learning about her mentor’s experiences at Beasley Media Group.


When it comes to what Julia took away from her time with her extern sponsor, Julia greatly appreciated the dynamic understanding she gained of what everyday life is like in a career setting. “I did not realize how versatile the everyday life was for Matt, especially because he worked in Sales and I definitely had this preconceived idea that he would just sit at his desk all day working with only one department, but that was not the case at all. Being able to see so many different aspects of the industry was extremely rewarding, as well as all of the different people we were able to meet,” she adds. If Julia were to give those interested in participating in an externship experience any advice, it would be to take the jump and try it out, just like she did. She says that, “I would definitely recommend participating in an externship to other students who want hands-on experience and want to create a mental picture of what their future industry may look like.”