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  • Johnny Myers

Johnathan Myers

Johnny Myers graduated Ursinus College in 2019 with degrees in Applied Economics and English. He swam for four years under coach Mark Feinberg, competing in the 200 butterfly at the Centennial Conference Championships. After graduating, he earned his Masters in Quantitative Finance from Drexel University, and has worked for a pension company and a university endowment. He is currently working at Hamilton Lane in the Private Markets Analytics division, where he combines his love of data science with his background in private market research. He is passionate about Ursinus because of the potential of the students and the wonderful experiences with all of his professors.


Applied Economics & English

Graduate School & Degree

Masters of Science, Quantitative Finance from Drexel University


Johnny worked with Dr. Scott Deacle and a group of motivated students to build a unique finance program called UCIMCO, the Ursinus College Investment Management Company. UCIMCO gives financial support to Ursinus by investing a pool of money across multiple asset classes. UCIMCO gives students hands-on professional experiences that help them succeed in the real world.

Favorite Ursinus Memory

Johnny’s favorite memories come from swimming all four years. His favorite memories from swimming were the bus rides home from meets. He will never forget the last bus ride coming back from the 2019 Centennial Conference Championships.

Impact of Ursinus

Johnny’s liberal arts education made him an exceptional candidate in the workforce and has been a valuable part of his development.

Piece of Advice

The worst thing that you can do is trying to find balance as a student. College is not about a balance, it is about taking on as many responsibilities as you can and getting over-involved in the community. College is the time to work as hard as possible before you have to worry about the responsibilities of being an adult.

Why I Support UC

Ursinus fosters exceptional students and develops them into bright and well-rounded adults ready for the challenges of life. Ursinus’s job is to take students’ raw potential, and morph the potential to create talented leaders. The Ursinus QUEST and the quality of students are the reasons why Johnny is so passionate about supporting the next generation of leaders.