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Robert Enderlein
Robert Enderlein

Robert “Bob” Enderlein

Bob’s passion is helping our next generation of leaders succeed through empowering them to communicate and collaborate when developing solutions to solve their customers’ business problems and challenges.


BA: Political Science

Current Position

Senior Vice President of Field Operations


Eastern Alliance Insurance Group

Impact of Ursinus

The biggest impact that Ursinus played on Bob’s career was centered around the lessons he learned in the classroom and on the football field. The values of being a part of a team and the proper ways to act when you win and when you lose. Additionally, developing strategies for problem-solving and overcoming obstacles are two important lessons.

Piece of Advice

Bob’s piece of advice is to “understand and master the basics of internal and external customer service”.

Why I Support UC

Bob’s approach to business is practical and he would like to share his experiences (successes and failures) with undergraduates preparing to enter the workforce. “You are the next generation of business leaders! I am available to those students interested stepping out of their comfort zone to learn more about what it takes to be a productive and valuable professional no matter what industry that you choose”.