• Building your Brand with Sabir Peele

Episode 6: Building Your Brand

In this episode, host Johnny Myers ’19 sits down with Sabir Peele ’08, who owns his own men’s style and lifestyle blog and website, Men’s Style Pro. Sabir credits the networking skills built at Ursinus that have propelled him to build relationships with big names like GQ and Esquire Magazine.

About this Episode

  • Sabir talks about how an Ursinus classmate encouraged him to create a men’s style blog, which led to the spontaneous creation of Men’s Style Pro. Ten years later, Men’s Style Pro has stayed true to the idea of how to help the everyday man dress.
  • Sabir has shown his blog’s versatility, from working with big names like GQ and Pharrell, all the way to the ever-affordable Walmart, all while drawing in over 60,000 views on his platforms a month.
  • Sabir shares how his interest in fashion trickles down to his roots working at his grandmother’s dry clean business in Germantown (Philadelphia, Pa.).
  • Sabir analyzes fashion trends of the past and present, and gives us insider perspective on styles making their return in today’s fashion industry, and addresses the fate of brick-and-mortar stores in the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In the COVID-19 pandemic, the most essential accessory is the face mask. Men’s Style Pro has partnered with Henry Mask, one of the original organizations to create a face mask brand. Every mask purchased supports masks for frontline workers in need, and helps you look great while protecting others.
  • Sabir talks fatherhood while managing his brand and business, and how to juggle wanting to support a family while enjoying the little moments along the way.
  • Sabir traces his journey back to Ursinus which helped him to curate his own brand, reflecting on the principals of independence and drive he learned from faculty and advisors. He shares how it’s all shaped into his passion to help others build their brand, as well.
  • Ursinus roots run deep - Sabir even designed his freshman roommate’s tuxedo for his wedding.

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