Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Lauren Ferguson

Lauren Ferguson

Location: Mishock Physical Therapy, Bechtelsville, PA


Health and Exercise Physiology

My Story

Lauren has always thought about becoming a physical therapist, writing that, “I appreciate how Physical Therapists can help patients improve their lifestyle and feel more confident after one appointment.” So naturally, she jumped to work with Mishock Physical Therapy over the Fall. Every day, Lauren got to take part in a number of experiences that helped her get a sense of the field. “I had the opportunity to work with patients hands on. Each patient got a rehabilitation program that I helped them through, teaching patients how to perform the exercises.”

Academic Connection

Throughout her time at Mishock, Lauren was able to pull in a variety of the skills and experiences she took part in in her Health and Exercise Physiology classes here at Ursinus. “I was able to take the information I learned in my lab and apply it to the work I performed on patients. For example, I was able to gain practice with the goniometer and range of motion testing,” she says. Lauren adds that her Public Health and Ethics courses were also immensely helpful in approaching her hands-on work with patients.


Lauren notes that while a number of skills were important during her work, her ability to work with a team and communicate effectively was especially important. “I had to communicate with the physical therapist about a patients’ exercise plan to see if anything would be added or discontinued, and a physical therapy clinic definitely relies on teamwork in order to create the best plans for patients,” Lauren adds.


Going into her internship experience at Mishock Physical Therapy, Lauren had already had a particular interest in pursuing physical therapy as a career. Her time at Mishock helped affirm this interest: “I really enjoy the one-on-one time a physical therapist spends with their patients to build that patient-to-provider relationship, and I was grateful to get to work with a company that put working as a team with physical therapists and patients first.”

Fun Fact

Lauren’s favorite movie is Frozen!