• Samantha

Samantha Kiessling






I work with my local community’s Non-profit Video Game Club (www.vgcusa.com) to bring kids together and make the socially awkward become socially active!


I always loved studying history. My mother encouraged it ever since I was a kid. We’d often take trips to Gettysburg and visit museums and historical places for vacation. I was originally a Bio major my freshman year, but found I had an undeniable passion for history that I could make my life’s work instead.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

It’s my first year at Ursinus since I just transferred this fall, but I really enjoyed being in Dr. Chao’s Hist 252 class where I was introduced to RTTP. It’s a fun and unique way of learning and I had a group chat with a few other students where we could converse and joke about what was happening and it really helped to make me feel welcomed to the community!

My Experience

I haven’t been at Ursinus long, and covid-19 has especially made things hard but I’m really looking forward to all the opportunities I’ll get in the next few years of my studying! I’ve heard only great things and I’m excited to be at such a supporting campus!

Life After Ursinus

I’d like to become a history professor. The one’s I’ve had so far in my education have all been great role models for me and I really admire them! I love to teach others about my passions as well, so it’s really something I strive for.