Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Alex Giampino

Alex Giampino

Internship Location: Crescendo Phoenixville & Perkiomen Valley Middle School Mentoring Program, remote


Politics and Music

My Experience

During the fall semester, Alex got the chance to work remotely with Crescendo Phoenixville & Perkiomen Valley Middle School Mentoring Program remotely through Ursinus’ very own UC LIVE Program, which is a mentor-based vocational discernment leadership program that aims to guide students in figuring out their vocational passions. Alex talks about how each session on Tuesdays and Thursdays involved practicing a number of musical skills with the children participating: “For the Crescendo crew each session started with warmups (scales, review of last week’s lessons) and then working on pieces in the book. Depending on the age group the pieces could be as simple as Mary Had a Little Lamb, or the older kids playing Hey Jude by the Beatles.”

Academic Connection

Alex credits the time management skills his time in his Ursinus classes have helped him build with making his time in the UC LIVE program more manageable. “Planning out my lesson plans and general directions for the internship as well as taking on my course load which was 21 credits plus a part time job on the weekends meant time management was a crucial component to succeeding in my endeavors,” he says.


Working with the students allowed Alex to practice working on his critical thinking skills, which he knows will be helpful when he pursues his future goals after Ursinus. Keeping the students focused over Zoom was a challenge, but he notes that “it helped allow me to think on my toes and make more effective communication with them to understand what I was getting at.”


Going into his internship, Alex says that he has always wanted to combine his interest in politics and music in order to get involved in lobbying or political activism, with a specific focus on the music industry. While this internship was not immediately connected to that, he adds that it gave him the chance to build some skills that will be helpful for pursuing his future career goals, allowing him to be “more effective” in his speech and direction.

Fun Fact

Alex’s favorite song is “The Impossible Dream” from the Broadway show Man of La Mancha!