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Episode 7: Storytelling in STEM

In this episode, host Kevin Cox ’15 sits down with Michael Agiorgousis ’13 to discuss how he makes physics easier to understand through storytelling. Michael dives into the technical-driven world of research, explains the advantages of being a good storyteller in STEM is critical to his success, and credits his time at Ursinus to helping him craft his writing and presentation skills.

About this Episode

  • Michael talks about having a teacher in high school that made a huge difference in his life and helped him choose his career in physics.

  • Michael and Kevin discuss their tours of Ursinus as prospective students, and how choosing UC felt right - from the people, to the atmosphere, to everything in between.

  • Michael’s interest in publishing his research in graduate school inspired him to perfect the skill of “storytelling” his research.

  • Michael credits his Ursinus education and experiences for helping him develop effective communication skills, a skillset he feels is underdeveloped with a lot of scientists in his industry.

  • Michael and Kevin discuss the positives that emerged from Ursinus’s Common Intellectual Experience, giving them the ability to contextualize and write, specifically. Michael shares how he felt advanced compared to his graduate school peers who only took STEM courses in their undergraduate experiences.

  • Michael breaks down some research on aluminum ion batteries he did in a previous role, and breaks it down in simpler terms for those not familiar with the research or topic.

  • Michael finds that referencing analogies (or even cartoons) help get the point of the research across.

  • Michael gives credit to some of his favorite faculty at Ursinus - the late Dr. Doughty, Dr. Evans, Dr. Carroll and Dr. Riley.

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