Intramural Co-ed Volleyball Rules

General Information:

  1. All teams should be aware of the general rules for intramurals.
  2. Teams must wear tennis shoes or similar footwear. No black soled shoes. Teams must wear the same colored shirts that serve as uniforms. If possible, teams should number their shirts.


  1. Teams will consist of six players; however a team may start with no less than four players. In a Co-ed Rec game, a team must have no less than two of the minority sex on the court at all times.
  2. A team diminished to fewer than four players as a result of injury during the game, may continue.
  3. Substitutions are only allowed during dead ball situations.

Game Play:

The game will last until one team scores 25 points, and wins the game by two points. If a team reaches 25 points and is only up by one point, the match will continue until a team wins by two points.

  • All games will be played by rally score rules (a point is scored on each serve).
  • Any team that does not have four players present within five minutes after the scheduled starting time will forfeit the game.

Each match will be played out in a best of three game series. If a third game is required, the third game will only be played until 15, with a team winning by two points or more.

Fouls - Fouls result in point or side-out depending on whether the team fouled against is serving (point) or receiving (side-out). Simultaneous fouls by opponents result in replay of point. 

  1. Server hits ball out of court so that it touches or does not clear the net.
  2. Player serves out of order.
  3. Player does not cleanly hit the ball (ball appears to rest momentarily at contact).
  4. Player hits ball successively (exception: blocker may re-hit after simultaneous hit).
  5. Team plays the ball more than three times before sending it to opponents’ court.
  6.   Player touched net, reaches over net to block a set, steps fully across center line,
  7. Interferes with opponents under net while ball is in play.
  8. Unsportsmanlike play