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  • Dominique Ballinger
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Dominique Ballinger

Meta-Analysis of the Long Term executive Functioning deficits in Individuals With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Project Description

For my project I performed a meta-analysis to establish consistency for our understanding on the longevity of executive functioning deficits after suffering mild traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, it is hoped to better understand the best methods of determining these inadequacies seen in cognitive functioning after suffering a TBI. Executive functioning is by no means a definitive term. Due to the vastness of the term, it is hard to determine the significance and necessary emphasis this term should hold. This meta-analysis strives to better understand the effect executive functioning holds, when discerning the long-term deficiencies within mTBI injuries. Throughout the years, it has been found that individuals who suffer from mild-TBI in comparison to control groups have presented with long term deficits. With that being said it, is paramount to make this investigation and provide better education and understanding to this epidemic of TBI to diminish the prevalence of this injury.

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Faculty Advisor

Joel Bish 


Philadelphia, PA