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Olivia Negro


Educational Studies and Politics (teaching certification in social studies)


International Relations

How I Stay Involved

On campus, I am also a Bonner Leader, Model UN delegate, Student Consultant, and member of the Alpha Delta Phi Society.

My Experience

I have experience writing podcasts, position papers, research papers, and analytical essays. I also have quite a bit of experience with public speaking and presentations.


My top 5 Clifton Strengths are Learner, Achiever, Input, Intellection, and Activator.

Fun Fact

I have a goldendoodle named Luna who loves to give high fives!

What I Love About Writing

Writing can be anything you want it to be! Formal or informal, creative or standard, short or long, personal or universal, the world of writing is everyone’s oyster! I also think it is empowering to write; it allows oneself another mode of self-expression.