Center for International Programs

  • Arthur Artene, class of 2023

Arthur Artene


Computer Science


I am involved in a few activities on campus. I am a board member of the Nerf Club, I was part of Wismer on Wheels and I have a job as an Event Technician, Student Assistant at the Institute for Student Success, and Resident Advisor.

My Experience

During my junior year, I started thinking about trying to study abroad. Many fellow Romanians would choose the Netherlands or England. I decided that I should aim even farther away from home, and having relatives in the US also helped the decision. After getting my SAT scores, I realized that this is possible, and I started applying to colleges here, and I think you can figure the rest of it out. I found Ursinus through an older friend who is still enrolled in Ursinus courses, so we still meet up on campus. I chose it because I liked the majors they offer; I liked the campus’ look, and I enjoy smaller colleges rather than the big ones. It also had a very nice sense of community, with admission staff keeping in touch and checking in with me throughout the entire application process.

The thing I enjoy most about Ursinus is definitely the community. The students and the staff are all wonderful people who will help you out in need. I have never been part of a community that is so closely tied together, and I am still getting used to asking for help and actually getting help. Being involved in a lot of organizations also increases the sense of community. I have made many friends here. We always grab dinner together in Wismer, and we can sit at a table for hours just talking and being ourselves.

Ursinus is doing a great job at preparing students for the future. Staff members will never hesitate in giving you advice about life in general. It also helped me improve my social skills a lot. I would have never thought that I would end up helping and working with so many people. Ursinus really makes you think about what is really important in life and what should matter to you.