• Matthew Schmitz

Matthew Schmitz

University of Minnesota Law School


Educational Studies and Psychology


Future Plans: 
I hope to work at the intersection of education and the law (public interest, non-profit, policy, scholarship, or whatever other form that might take). I chose the University of Minnesota Law School because of the collegial atmosphere, excellent programs, small class size, strong financial support, and great location, so I am looking forward to experiencing and enjoying those aspects. 

How Ursinus has prepared me for law school:
The truly interdisciplinary education has prepared me to tackle subjects, like the law, that draw on a number of different academic and practical fields. My honors thesis helped me develop my research and argumentation skills above and beyond where I ever thought they could go. Unique employment opportunities such as the Teaching and Learning Institute and the Writing Center have helped me refine my interpersonal, professional, and consulting skills. Additionally, my time on the Ursinus baseball team sharpened my discipline, collaboration, and worth ethic.

I worked in the Teaching and Learning Institute as a student consultant and in the Writing Center as a writing fellow. I also played baseball for two years and engaged with a number of community service opportunities through UCARE.

Interesting Facts:
I’m a proud Midwesterner, took classes in painting and tap dance at Ursinus, wrote poetry for our literary magazine (the Lantern), and participated in intramural basketball and volleyball. I also had a paper get quoted in the New York Times during my junior year.

Favorite Ursinus Memory

No particular events jumps out at me, but I will never forget the many daily conversations during and after class with professors and classmates about the fascinating readings and events we were discussing at the time.