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  • Christina Wentz
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Christina Wentz

Development of a Single-walled Nanotube Drug Delivery System for Clarithromycin

Project Description

Antibiotic resistance poses a serious health risk all over the globe. It significantly decreases the efficacy of some of our most prized creations: antibiotics. Many approaches to combat this crisis have been sought out, with a more recent one being drug delivery through carbon nanotubes. However, the use of carbon nanotubes as vehicles in these systems has been limited to cancer research and molecules with conjugated p systems. This study aims to create a carbon nanotube drug delivery system for clarithromycin that has the potential to be applied to a wider scope of antibiotics. The proposed system contains two components, a cysteine functionalized carbon nanotube and a cysteine-clarithromycin conjugate, that can be reversibly linked together through a disulfide bond. When the molecule enters a cell, the disulfide bond can be cleaved by enzymes and acidic conditions, releasing the clarithromycin and thereby creating a drug delivery system.

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Faculty Advisor

Mark Ellison


Downingtown, PA