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  • Keca Ward

Keca Ward

Keca is the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition for the Philadelphia Startup Phenom People. She appeared as a guest on the U-Imagine podcast “From Sparks to Skyscrapers” to talk about startups and the talent acquisition field. Working in HR, 


Fashion Merchandising

Current Position

Senior Director of Talent Acquisitions


Phenom People


Keca has developed great people skills and she also understands what is like to be a college student and not quite know what she wanted to do for her career. She has a degree in fashion merchandising, and her advice for those students who’s major might not translate to what they end up doing is to continue to learn and experience new things that will benefit you in the future such as time management and leadership.

Piece of Advice

She wants everyone to keep their heads up and understand that there is opportunity for everyone!