• Using Your Network

Episode 8: Using Your Network

In this episode, mentor/mentee Michele (Benfer) Moyer ’90 and Delanie Rogers ’23 take over the Life After Ursinus podcast to chat about networking in your industry and beyond,

About this Episode

  • Michele and Delanie discuss how their paths crossed as alumna and student, respectively, through the Big Bear/Little Bear mentoring program as part of their volunteer roles in the Ursinus College Alumni Council and Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow.
  • Delanie discusses the importance of utilizing the Ursinus network as a student, which has paved the way for research and internship opportunities.
  • Delanie discusses the Handshake tool for students and alumni, which has helped her job search.
  • Michele provides pointers for networking and generating a professional conversation, how to remain intellectually curious with others, and the foundation to success in relationships.
  • Michele and Delanie share that managing your network is a “labor of love” and something that takes constant time and attention.
  • A tradition on the Life After Ursinus podcast, Michele and Delanie share where they lived their freshman year and discuss some fun Ursinus traditions.
  • Delanie shares the importance of students creating connections with alumni, and that being a Bear for Life means that you have a community at your disposal for jobs, relationships, resources, and beyond.

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