Berman Museum

Jennifer Berrios, Cubes, 2020. Film Camera.
Jennifer Berrios, Cubes, 2020. Film Camera.

Jennifer Berrios

Artist Statement

This series was taken in the beginning of 2020. During that time, I was studying abroad in Seville, Spain, and then the pandemic hit. The images are from my adventures in Seville, Cadiz, and Morocco. Leaving Seville abruptly was painful, hence why this series is so personal to me. I love that I chose to capture my abroad experience through my film camera because the images remind me of what caught my eye in those moments. The genuineness of these images comes with film photography. You have to be intentional with your pictures. With the limit of a roll of film in mind, I only chose to capture the moments that stood out to me, and I was careful with my composition. This approach is lost with digital photography, where the unlimited pictures make it okay for mistakes. I especially appreciate the element of surprise that comes with film photography. Viewing these images, a year later, and pairing them has that same excitement.

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