Career and Post-Graduate Development

Sienna Coleman
Sienna Coleman

Sienna Coleman


Education and English



Current Position

6th grade English/Language Arts Teacher


Allentown School District


When I came to Ursinus, I knew that I wanted to be an English teacher. My internships at Breakthrough Collaborative, during the summers before my junior and senior years, made it clear to me that teaching was the right path for me. I knew I chose the right career after seeing my students’ writing and confidence improve each summer. I have always loved to read. However, my main reason for choosing to pursue English teaching certification at Ursinus was wanting a career where I could help people. I feel thankful to be a teacher because my 6th graders never fail to make me smile.

Impact of Ursinus

The class that had the greatest impact on me was my student teaching experience. My mentor teacher showed me how he ran his classroom, but also allowed me to create my own teaching style.

Piece of Advice

My favorite thing about Ursinus was having the chance to try everything that interested me. In college, you can try out for a play, get an internship in a career field that you are curious about, join a sorority, and write for the newspaper. I would recommend taking every opportunity that comes your way. Before you begin your job search, I would recommend reaching out to professionals in the field that you are interested in. The advice that teachers shared with me about their career paths and about what their jobs were really like guided me in my own job search.