Berman Museum

Jailene Rodriguez, Strength, 2021. Oil on canvas. 11 x 14 inches.
Jailene Rodriguez, Strength, 2021. Oil on canvas. 11 x 14 inches.

Jailene Rodriguez

Artist Statement

Let’s Get Personal

It is important to me as an artist to develop work that allows people to become aware of what is happening within their surroundings and potential outcomes set through the lens of different scenarios. My work is meant to make people quite vulnerable to these topics, as they might be victims themselves or may know of one dealing with such issues.

As a child, I had to witness and be a part of many chaotic circumstances for which I do not believe a child should ever be present. These scenarios were extremely prominent in my household, and I had no way out as a minor. Not only would I see this first-hand in my home, but also once I went outside. I have lived in North Philadelphia most of my life, and my Let’s Get Personal series includes paintings illustrating the things I have witnessed throughout my journey, including societal problems, drugs, pain, addiction, abuse, loss of one’s innocence, violence, etc. After reflecting on the project, it led me into wanting to create a continuing series where I bring awareness to such occurrences while also showing appreciation to all of those who have endured these issues and have still been able to keep themselves together. These are topics that make us feel vulnerable, but this is REAL life for some people, and it is not always their choice to live this way. We must reflect from the dark side that has brought out so much pain and figure out ways to turn these into good healing testimonies.

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