Scholarships and Fellowships

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Jamie Faselt ’15

Human-Nature Relationship in South Africa, India, Borneo, Malaysia, Nepal, and Greenland

About my Watson Fellowship

I was a 2015-2016 Watson Fellow exploring the human-nature relationship in South Africa, India, Borneo Malaysia, Nepal, and Greenland. The purpose of my project was to expand my understanding of how different people and communities think about and interact with nature and the environment at various controversies. I hoped to broaden my worldview past a western-focused environmentalist lens.

I quickly learned that human-environment issues are highly complex and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I discovered how many people are working tirelessly for both environmental and social justice, from cities to remote fishing villages, to the Himalayas. The hospitality I experienced as a solo-23-year-old woman was like nothing I’d experienced to that point. Finally, I learned how to listen more fully and embrace diverse views.

The Watson Fellowship has shaped my pursuits ever since. I had the honor to live and work on the Amskapi Piikuni (Blackfeet) Nation doing community engagement and education outreach for Glacier National Park. As of fall 2020, I am pursuing a Master’s of Science Degree in biology at Boise State University. I am working in the Human-Environment Systems Research Group and will be researching the socio-political barriers to Plains Bison reintroduction.