Business and Economics

  • Timothy Ringgold, Adjunct Professor of Business and Economic

Timothy Ringgold

Timothy Ringgold is an adjunct Professor of Management.   He has a long career in business and academia.  He has been a CEO and COO is several businesses, chaired business departments at two institutions, and taught at serval institutions.  Prior to his business and academic life, Tim was a Colonel in the U.S. Army.  


Business and Economics


  • M.Phil. (ABD for Ph.D.) in Public Policy, The George Washington University
  • M.A. in Legislative Affairs, George Washington University
  • M.A. in Economics, Temple University,
  • B.S. in Physics, United State Military Academy 


Leadership and Ethics

Global Business


International Business


Professional Experience

Consultant for Envision Innovative Solutions, Inc.

Research Interests

  • Ethics and Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Leadership and Followership
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership

Recent Work

Ringgold, Timothy D. Epilogue. “Choosing the Harder Right: West Point’s 1976 Cheating Scandal” by Destiny Jennifer Ringgold. Koehler Books, 2021, pp. 313-320.