Career and Post-Graduate Development

Alyssa Borrelli
Alyssa Borrelli

Alyssa Borrelli

Post-Graduate Plans: Associate Scientist at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories






I came into Ursinus on the Pre-Med track and planned to go to medical school. That plan changed when I interned at Jefferson University for my ILE. I loved research and being in the lab. By my senior year, I did four credit research with Dr. Bailey and applied to many entry level scientist positions. I accepted an offer with Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories a few weeks before graduation, and I couldn’t be happier!

I always liked to keep busy and find something new to learn. The biology department at Ursinus offers many opportunities to get lab experience and the ability to be a part of more than one lab I have always loved science and being able to explore different aspects of biology has helped me find the field I am most interested in. My passion for learning has helped me find what best fitted my interests and prepare me for the career I have started.

Favorite Ursinus Memory

My favorite Ursinus memory was being a part of Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) and helping work Homecoming and Alumni weekends. This allowed me to connect with Alumni who work in the science field. I was able to hear about their Ursinus experience and how that helped them get to where they are today.

Impact of Ursinus

My Ursinus experience has prepared me for the journey I am embarking on in the scientific field. I would not be where I am today without the help of Dr. Bailey, Dr. Favero, Dr. Goddard and the rest of the Biology Department. The question “What will I do?” has inspired me the most and applied to me now. I am starting a new chapter and will begin to think about what I will do to achieve my new goals.

Piece of Advice

I would say the best advice I have to give is it is okay to not know immediately what you want to do after college, and it is okay to change plans. Ursinus offers the flexibility to be able to try different areas of academics and broaden your interests. One tip I can give is use the Career and Professional Development office to the fullest. Without their guidance, I would not have known where to begin with my search for jobs. Also, it is best to start your search as early as possible because postings come and go very quickly.