Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Watson Fellow, Jesse Kremenak

Jesse Kremenak ’08

A Vehicle for Expression: The Customized Automobile

My Watson Experience

From big cities to small villages, I explored the Czech Republic, India, Australia, China, and Japan investigating “A Vehicle for Expression: The Customized Automobile.” One goal over the solo year was to survive, but I also managed to befriend racing teams in India, crawled through the Australian wilderness in fully customized 4x4s, and enjoyed spicy hotpot with new acquaintances in China. Not only did the Watson expand my confidence, resourcefulness, and drive – but it also developed my resiliency. I learned how to overcome obstacles over and over… and over in several languages and cultures. After the Watson, I earned a PhD in physics and then went on to found Kremenak NanoTech, Inc., of which I am the CEO and CTO. The Watson was a life altering experience that continues to impact my journey every day.

Watson Fellow, Jesse Kremenak