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Nikita Subnani


My study abroad experience in England this past semester broadened my knowledge about specific fields in Psychology and Neuroscience. Though my course schedule was heavily concentrated in Psychology, I also took one Neuroscience course, in which the primary focus was the pharmacological effects of various drugs on the brain. This fascinated me, and led me to pursue further interest in the pharmacology related field of Neuroscience. Overall, what I learned during my semester abroad has opened me up to new interests in various fields of both Psychology and Neuroscience.

What was valuable about the experience

I would say the most valuable part of my study abroad experience was interacting with and building long-lasting friendships with students from all around the world (England, Australia, France, Germany, Kenya, Singapore etc.). The opportunities to not only learn about new ideas and concepts in Psychology and Neuroscience, but to also learn about different cultures around the world were truly unforgettable.  

The coolest part of the experience

The coolest part of the experience was traveling to many beautiful countries around Europe. The opportunity to see magnificent sights such as the London Eye, the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum was one that I am extremely grateful for. I would love to return to Europe and even study there to obtain my graduate degree.


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