• Joseph Paesani

Joseph Paesani

Current Position

Actuary - Risk Management, Strategy & Professional Development



Favorite Ursinus Memory

There are many, but to pick one it would be the Men’s Basketball team reaching the 1981 Final Four for the first time in school history. I was the team’s scorekeeper and also picked by the NCAA as the official scorekeeper for the full Final Four tournament. The team finished third in the nation that year.

Why I Support UC

To help students. Graduates today face many challenges and “noise” that my generation wasn’t as challenged by. Many come out of college with high expectations of achieving success, but often are not sufficiently prepared to do so, especially regarding matters like financial planning, risk management and interpersonal skills. I’ve had a wide range of experiences in different types of environments and can help students better identify some of the challenges they’ll face and methods to address them.