Health Sciences

Dr. Kyle Beyer
Dr. Kyle Beyer

Kyle Beyer

My role as an educator is the cornerstone of being a successful professor as it requires the ability to transfer scientific knowledge into relevant and engaging material for students. My primary responsibility is to encourage and provide opportunities for students to bridge the gap between science and practice. I aim to promote critical thinking and emphasize an applied understanding of the material by incorporating research articles, case studies, and real-world examples into the class. Through passionate and enthusiastic lectures, hands-on activities, and in-class discussion, I engage students with a variety of learning styles and diverse backgrounds and interests.


Health Sciences


Ph.D. University of Central Florida

M.S. University of Central Florida

B.S. Towson University



Structural Kinesiology Lab

Research Interests

Dr. Kyle Beyer is Director of The Resistance Exercise, Physiology, & Sport (REPS) Laboratory in the Health Sciences Department at Ursinus College and is interested in investigating human physiology and performance during exercise and sport. Specifically, the REPS Laboratory will be researching projects related to the physiological adaptations to strength and conditioning programs and competitive sport, the evaluation of emerging technologies in fitness assessment, and the role of maturity in youth exercise and sport performance.

Recent Work

1. Beyer, K. S., Stout, J. R., Redd, M. J., Baker, K. M., Church, D. C., Bergstrom, H. C.,Hoffman, J. R., & Fukuda, D. H. (2020). Effect of somatic maturity on aerobic and
anaerobic adaptations to interval training. Physiological Reports, 8(9), e14426.

2. Kollars, J. M., Taber, C. B., & Beyer, K. S.* (2020) Relative age effects in elite
Olympic weightlifters. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, In Press.

3. Herring, C. H., Beyer, K. S., & Fukuda, D. H. (2020). Relative age effects as evidence of selection bias in major league baseball draftees (2013-2018). Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, In Press.

4. Beyer, K. S., Stout, J. R., Redd, M. J., Baker, K. M., Bergstrom, H. C., Hoffman, J. R., & Fukuda, D. H. (2019). Maturity-related differences in systemic and localized fatigue threshold amongst adolescent male athletes. Pediatric Exercise Science, 31(1), 99-106.

5. Hurley, E., Comstock, B. A., Haile, L., & Beyer, K. S.* (2019). The relative age effect in collegiate soccer: influence of nationality, playing position and class. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 33(12), 3295-3301.