Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Taylor Beaumont

Taylor Beaumont

Internship Location: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Easton, PA


Applied Economics


Business Management

My Story

This past summer, Taylor was able to land an internship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Easton, PA. Using a LinkedIn account she created while at Ursinus, Taylor saw the opportunity as a chance to get her foot in the door with a very well-known company. “A typical day at Enterprise consisted of completing car deals, client relations and moving inventory.”

Academic Connection

Taylor credits her success within the internship to her rigorous classes at Ursinus. “I have been able to learn how to break down complex situations and make them easier to work through”, she says. Taylor also says that this internship sparked an interest for sales, and that she looks to possibly enroll in a sales or marketing class in her final year at Ursinus.


“Nothing that I did was accomplished without communication,” Taylor tells us. Throughout this experience, Taylor notes that communication was key in everything she did. This internship had a large impact on Taylor’s communication skills and she recognizes how useful these skills will be in future endeavors. “My communication skills are all the better after completing this internship” she says.


Before going into this internship, Taylor was not sure of her future plans. She notes that her time at Enterprise allowed her to realize the things she enjoyed doing on a daily basis. The coolest part of Taylor’s internship was “being able to adapt to a workplace on the fly. By the end of the summer, I was able to do many tasks on my own and act independently,” she says.

Fun Fact

Taylor is a 4 year member of the Ursinus College Women’s Soccer team!

Written by Christian Maienshein ’22